A successful implementation project requires good organization and in-depth understanding of the gaps between user requirements and existing functionality. At Synergy GFS, we have the experts who can set you up for success. You can leverage our insights into how you can mitigate the inherent risks related to a system implementation projects in the following areas:

  • Project plan
    We offer support in identifying and prioritizing all required activities, existing dependencies, and needed resources, as well as in defining goals and milestones. 
  • Preparation of system environment
    ​We provide consulting on the hardware and system software required for the implementation as follows:
    • Sizing - by evaluating the current volume of the operations and building a justifiable estimate for the future growth, we calculate the required hardware resources
    • Acquisition - we can negotiate with vendors on your behalf and plan for delivery schedules that optimize your support agreements
    • Installation and configuration of system and application software - our technical experts can install and tune the hardware and software required to start the implementation
  • Gap analysis - our team of business analysts are experts in identifying the gaps between existing business processes and system capabilities; by preparing a detailed and well-documented gap analysis, we ensure a smooth and risk-free implementation process.