Synergy BOX Front Office

Great customer experience is one of the main drivers behind a client's decision to join or stay with a specific bank. Therefore, speed and quality of service at your branch office are of crucial importance for customer attraction and retention.

Synergy BOX FrontOffice integrates all of our collective knowledge and best practices from working and collaborating with a number of financial institutions to provide solutions to major productivity impediments that bank front office employees face every day. The FrontOffice is intuitive and functional, easy to learn and to extend. With its handy menus and smart filtering capabilities, the solution reduces the time required to service a customer by a factor and minimizes the risk of errors.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Fast and easy customization and extensibility
  • Access to all backend systems from a single frontend
  • Seamless integration to Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking

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Synergy BOX M-Banking

Mobile enablement is a must-have for any modern digital financial institution. With Synergy BOX M-Banking you meet the growing mobile demands of your customers, while ensuring a high level of protection for their data.

Key Benefits

  • Native user experience on Android and iOS devices
  • Unified access to user data and single sign-on capabilities for mobile and internet banking channels
  • Three-layer approach to ensuring security
  • Full set of active banking capabilities
  • Seamless integration to Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking

Synergy BOX M-Banking Resources

Solution Overview

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Implementation of AML system at Unibank, Macedonia

Synergy GFS has successfully completed the implementation project for Anti Money Laundering solution (AML) at Universal Investment Bank AD, Macedonia (Unibank). The AML solution covers all requirements of the Macedonian legislation and National Bank of Republic Macedonia (NBRM), as follows:
  • Customer due diligence and risk profiling - measuring the associated risk with the customer based on customer’s profile, transactional history, behavioural patterns and type of the initiated transaction;